De Edele Wilde
10 november 2017

De Edele Wilde
The Noble Savage
Analogue Photographs
Selection of a larger series
2015 – 2017 (ongoing)

De Edele Wilde is a myth about a man who idealises himself as a human in the condition of nature. He is a primitive human being living in connection with the landscape. He is not (yet) influenced by the negativity of civilization and culture. The myth first came to attention during the end of the 18th century, beginning of the 19th century. Better known as the Romantic period. An artistic and intellectual movement in which nature’s dominance is acknowledged and humans surrender themselves completely to the landscape. Culture is an artificial fabrication in which humans get alienated from themselves. Instead of trying to control nature with culture, they believe to be part of nature.

This idea, that was developed centuries ago, is now still a common belief. In our current society we often feel a longing to go into a natural landscape to escape from our daily routine. Lately we are encouraged to become our own, independent individual, in a culture that wants to you to depend on products from society. The feeling of losing ourselves in our current world is a common fear among people.

To fight against this feeling, most people go into a natural landscape and try to connect with the original, natural life, and thereby their own nature. In nature we can come to ourselves and see the world from another perspective. The world is reasonable and structured. We see what really matters and what doesn’t. We try to find the balance and follow our own, natural route instead of the one provided by culture. The series, inspired by the Romantic paintings, portray a search for De Edele Wilde in current society.