Hier Rust de Den
2 juli 2018

Hier Rust de Den
Here Lies the Pine Tree
Engraved tree stumps on various locations, performance, video, photographs in pine wood frames
2017 – 2021 (ongoing)

I used to carve the names of my loved ones into the barks of trees. Carving in tree barks is an expression of hope for the future; the memory will continue to grow while the tree grows. Hier Rust de Den creates memorials, not for people, but for trees. After a tree is cut down, its bark is taken away, and the tree stump remains in the earth to rot. Slowly over time, the tree’s existence is forgotten. 

For this work I carved engravings in the tree stumps. The engraved texts names the trees’ species and age (when tracheale by counting tree rings) personalizing the tree to its own identity. The carved tree stumps resemble offer a place for quiet reflection on the memory of the tree that once stood tall in the forest. The work Hier Rust de Den will continue to grow as long as I will grow. Currently there are twenty-five engraved tree stumps and a new stump will be added every year growing with my own age. It has become a lifelong dedication slowly taking over locations I have resided with my marks in honor of my personal sanctuary. 

Close up; Luster prints in pine wood frames, 18×24 cm