Hier Rust de Den
2 juli 2018

Hier Rust de Den
Here Lies the Pine Tree
Engraved tree stumps on various locations, performance, video, photographs in pine wood frames
Texts are in Dutch
2017 – 2018 (ongoing)

We carve the names of our loved ones in trees in the hope they will continue to grow forever. World war soldiers used to carve the names of deceased soldiers in tree barks to honor their friends lost in battle. The tree continues to grow, not to replace the deceased’s life, but to behold a memory and create a place for mourning. It’s a silent expression of hope for the future.

For ‘Hier Rust de Den’ a memorial is created, not for people, but for trees. After trees are cut down their bark is used for human advantages. The tree stump is left to rot in the ground. Quickly the tree’s existence is completely forgotten. The artists engravings in the stumps are similar to the writings on tombstones. The texts refer to the trees by their own species and age (when traceable) portraying their own identity.

This project will continue to grow as long as I will grow. Currently there are twenty-three engraved tree stumps. A new stump will be added every year growing with the age of the artist. A lifelong dedication taking over a forest with the artist her marks in honor of her personal sanctuary.

Close up; Luster prints in pine wood frames, 18×24 cm