Hier Rust de Den
2 juli 2018

Hier Rust de Den
Here Lies the Pine Tree
Engraved tree stumps on various locations, performance, video, photographs in pine wood frames
2017 – 2021 (ongoing)

We carve the names of our loved ones into tree barks as an expression of hope for the future. The memory will continue to grow with the tree’s growth. Hier Rust de Den are carvings to remember not people but trees. After a tree is cut down its bark is taken away but its tree stump remains to rot in the ground. Over time the tree’s existence will be forgotten. For this work I carved engravings into tree stumps to commemorate the tree that was once attached to this stump, Every year that I grow this project will continue to grow by adding a new engraved tree stump. The engraved texts refer to the trees’ species and age (when traceable) giving the tree its own identity.  The work implies that trees have an identity that must be remembered even after we have exploited them for their wood. 

Close up; Luster prints in pine wood frames, 18×24 cm