The Viewfinder
15 december 2018

The Viewfinder
Installation of 16 photographs 40×28 cm with ventilator

‘The Viewfinder’ represents the influence of technology on our perception of the contemporary landscape. The internet has changed our visual interpretation; locations that used to be hard to reach are now accessible within a matter of seconds. Camera’s and satellites have become our new way to travel.

Every landscape in the world has been documented by camera and is shared with millions of people online. There is a constant need to document and share everything there is to see. We see the spectacular view after climbing a mountain only through the viewfinder of the camera’s around our necks. The photographs we take are a proof of our own existence and the places we have visited. Through other people’s photography we share their experiences of landscapes we might never be able to see.

A photograph often can’t do justice to the original lanscape that is seen with the bare eye. Can a photograph be a resemblance of the real landscape when it’s continuously influenced by the photographers’ perspective and the developments in technology?